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Reports on Teaching and Learning

Detailed Reporting and Analysis

Gain valuable insights and key metrics around all aspects of teaching and learning in your school. Everything from subject planning, progress and performance, assessment and grading, engagement and attainment along with coverage of key skills and statements of learning within your school. You can report on the whole school, individual departments, class groups, teacher and students. Powerful insights in to how teaching and learning takes place to assist with school, staff and subject development, planning along with parent/teacher meetings.

SchoolWise Centric Everyone is Informed, Involved and Working Together

Keep Everyone Informed, Involved and Working Together

The clarity of information, goals and outcomes is vital across all aspects of your school community to succeed from school development, to cross curricular planning, to assessment for learning, to student attainment and evaluation. SchoolWise provides on-demand access to resources and essential information such as events and deadlines, messages and notifications, class activities and tasks, learning and content libraries, personal lockers, and much more. Everyone from staff to students is keen to share ideas, knowledge, and experiences. SchoolWise streamlines processes, automate tasks, and manages change while increasing adoption.

SchoolWise Centric Improves the Learning Experience

Build on the Traditional with Technology

SchoolWise allows you to combine technology with traditional teaching methods together in a seamless way that prompts, supports, and sustains student learning in a more varied, intelligent, and effective way. It can ignite new passions, and presents you with a chance to re-imagine, revitalise and refine all that has being true about education for centuries. It inspires new ways delivering instruction, enhances your workflow and provides the scaffolding that is needed to simplify and support technology in your school. SchoolWise will help increase the overall adoption of technology throughout your entire school.

Drive Efficiency and Support Change

Drive Efficiency and Support Change
We understand that today’s school is a complex and multifaceted organisation dealing with the delivery of an evolving curriculum, broadening teaching methods, and while at the same time dealing administration. We also recognise that every school is faced with the pressure of budgets coupled with the difficult tasks of increasing efficiencies and implementing change all without impacting student learning and staff morale. SchoolWise will help you drive these efficiencies and support the change process by enabling all communication and collaboration around learning, development and planning to be managed from a single location.





SchoolWise Centric Improves the Learning Experience

Improves the Learning Experience

The modern students today want their learning experience to fit their lifestyle; it must be accessible, engaging, relevant, collaborative, and personalised. SchoolWise enables you to engage more with students in new and exciting ways enriching the learning experience. It shifts the student position from a passive receiver to an active learner, inspiring, motivating and stimulating creativity within them.  SchoolWise also increases their self-awareness of how they learn, enabling them to learn more easily and effectively, transforming them into keen learners inside and beyond the classroom.

Promoting Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Acknowledgement of their performance can motivate and inspire a passion for learning in even the reluctant learners. SchoolWise opens the communication channels, encourages and empowers students to take the initiative, to be innovative and to direct their own learning. It improves their observation, inquiry, creativity and critical-thinking skills. Students can set and achieve their own personal goals, it improves performance at all levels across a wide spectrum of student ability which results in not only a more productive learning experience, but encourages students in a more constructivist and active way to improve their learning outcomes.



Create and Foster a Culture of Learning within your School


Create and Foster a Culture of Learning

The foundation of any community is that everyone must have a common sense of values and beliefs if they are to achieve their goals and reach their dreams. SchoolWise creates a positive culture around technology, enabling you to create a stronger more connected school community. A community that is more engaging, more collaborative and more effective, where everyone has the chance to grow, learn and succeed. SchoolWise creates a more unified and connected learning environment for your school.





Junior Cycle

The Centric Learning Platform is closely aligned with the new junior cycle framework. It provides a cohesive and coherent solution that prepares and equips your school with all the modern tools necessary for the new challenges ahead. Our proven cloud solution is one that constantly evolves to meet the needs of it educators and learners. Centric ensures your school will be prepared and ready to embrace the new junior cycle.

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Supporting your School

Supporting Your School Now and in the Future

Investing in SchoolWise is an investment in to the future of your school, its teachers and ultimately an investment in to the future of your students. SchoolWise ensures your school has the modern tools, a proven solution and one which constantly evolves to meet the needs of its educators and learners. We are committed to supporting every school to be at the forefront of education, a place where innovation takes place, one where everyone has the chance to succeed and fulfil their dreams.

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