Centric Features

Subject Planning

Subject Planner

Everything you need to create and organise all of your tasks, activities, lesson and subject plans centrally for all members of the subject department to use. The planner also enables you to record the status and track the progress for each of your class groups. You can even link to learning resources for use in class or later for review by your students

Planning is a piece of cake

Intuitive interface with step by step screens to make planning a piece of cake

Cycle and Certificate

Organise your plans by both junior and senior cycle or junior and senior certificate

View your Hard Work

An overview screen generates the result of your plans by year and level so you can see the results of your planning

Future Proof

Everything you need for the new junior cycle such as outcomes, keys skills and statements of learning are readily available

Student Involvement

Share learning intentions, success criteria and learning outcomes with your students

Track Progress

Track the status and progress of your class group through each strand, subject plan and lesson plan

Reports on Teaching and Learning

Detailed Reporting and Analysis

Gain valuable insights and key metrics around all aspects of teaching and learning in your school. Everything from subject planning, progress and performance, assessment and grading, engagement and attainment along with coverage of key skills and statements of learning within your school. You can report on the whole school, individual departments, class groups, teacher and students. Powerful insights in to how teaching and learning takes place to assist with school, staff and subject development, planning along with parent/teacher meetings.

Enable Whole School Collaboration

SchoolWise Centric delivers a secure and collaborative space for all your staff and subject departments to share knowledge, work together on subject and school development planning, schedule events, quickly connect with each other, along with providing a platform to share ideas, discuss topics and gain invaluable feedback


Staff Calendar

The Staff Calendar acts as a noticeboard with everything from CPD, subject planning and SLAR meetings

School Directory

Enable quick communication to any member of staff, subject department, class group or the entire school

Shared Workspace

Subject Departments can delegate and track progress of tasks, securely share files and safely share information

Document Sharing

Share minutes of meetings, draft policies, CPD resources, plans and lists

Assessment and Grading

Assessment and Grading

Powerful assessment and grading tools enable you to quickly distribute and collect all types of assignments. Students are immediately notified and can turn in their submissions for all outstanding assignments in one place. Not only can you provide a grade but helpful feedback. Couple with reporting, assessment has never been easier.

Personalised Learning Experience

Each student can create a space that is unique and personal to them creating a greater connection to their learning experience. The can construct their online profile; build relationships, securely store documents, create ePortfolios and record all their active participation in the learning process. Demonstrating their learning and recording achievements has never been easier.
Student Journal

Personalised Learning Student Journal

Centric automatically records student activity keeping track of all active participation within the platform. This can be used for personal reflection and form part of the assessment for learning process


Personalised Learning Student Locker

Enable your learners to assemble their very own ePortfolios easily and securely. Documents and files can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Integration with Office 365 OneDrive is also available

Message Centre

Personalised Learning Student Messages

Easily keep track of all communication including direct feedback from teachers, group messages and other notifications. Messages can be archived and used to evaluate student progression and assessment.

Social Spaces to Collaborate and Engage

Create learning spaces to inspire and engage your students in new and creative ways. Empower learners to interact in classroom activities, initiate discussion on topics and collaborate with each other. Easily view all members of your class groups, send important messages and feedback or quickly view their lockers and eportfolios.


Class, Project and Extra Curricular Groups

Create class, project and social groups to share, collaborate and engage with your learners

Share and Facilitate Classroom Activities

Instantly and easily share classroom activities, information, learning resources, assignments and more

Create Project and Tasks for your Learners

You can create and mentor on collaboration projects for your students. Let them delegate tasks, set deadlines and showcase their work

Group and Student Messaging

Quickly view all members of your groups enabling you to message each member or the entire group

SchoolWise Centric Document Management

Learning and Content Libraries

Securely sharing learning resources has never been easier! Just link on your computer you can use folders to store, organise and plan your learning content in a familiar way that works best for your subject deparment. Store everything from documents, presentations, video and audi, quickly and easily instantly making it available anytime, anywhere.

Junior Cycle

The Centric Learning Platform is closely aligned with the new junior cycle framework. It provides a cohesive and coherent solution that prepares and equips your school with all the modern tools necessary for the new challenges ahead. Our proven cloud solution is one that constantly evolves to meet the needs of it educators and learners. Centric ensures your school will be prepared and ready to embrace the new junior cycle.

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