SchoolWise Synergy Training and Consultancy Programme

Flexible and comprehensive training programme that is delivered through a phased and collaborative approach to enable your school to seamlessly and effectively integrate SchoolWise Centric while embracing the new Junior Cycle.

Enable your school to learn through the use of technology, while at the same time learn to use technology. Everyone can embrace a modern curriculum delivered through the Centric Learning Platform in a holistic and collegial approach

Blueprint for Success

The aim of the Synergy training programme is to enable your school to effectively rollout the SchoolWise Centric platform in conjunction with aligning your school with the new junior cycle framework. The blueprint outlines the path and steps necessary over a phased structure to ensuring that the wide spectrum of educators in your school will have the skills and ability to incorporate SchoolWise Centric and the new junior cycle as part of their every day teaching.

Whole School Approach

Synergy is delivered through a holistic method uniting school leaders, educators and ultimately its learners. This is accomplished through a series of phases from pre-planning, whole school, one to one and subject departments all participating in the programme. It is through this comprehensive and flexible programme, that each educator within your school will achieve a set of common and individual goals. They will embrace the Centric learning platform and will be prepared for the future challenges that lay ahead.

Outcomes from the Programme

There are a number of key skills that are the building blocks on which the programme is built upon. Some of these blocks include communication, collaboration, organisation, resource management and assessment. Woven through each one are the key skills outlined in the new junior cycle framework. This will enable your educators to effectively incorporate these skills in to how their instruction is delivered, along with guiding their learners to successfully attaining these proficiencies in their life long learning.

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